about Africa MICE Awards

The Africa MICE Awards were created in 2018 to recognise innovative industry players who whose expertise and service levels meet global standards, and who are playing a significant role in positioning Africa as an attractive business events destination.

The Africa MICE Awards were created to support, promote and develop the Africa MICE industry by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring its practitioners to continuously raise the standards of their product and service offerings, thereby taking the continent’s MICE industry to the next level and promoting Africa as a potent MICE destination.

The Africa MICE Awards bring regional and international focus on Africa’s growing MICE industry. This greater awareness serves to attract more business as well encourage more professionals to join this flourishing industry. Award-winners set a benchmark of excellence for companies, locally and in the region, inspiring the local industry to raise the bar and to develop more events of excellent standards thus contributing to a strong and vibrant eco-system of MICE players that will strengthen Africa’s value proposition as a MICE destination of choice.

Award-winners gain industry-wide and regional recognition for their outstanding achievements in the industry, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their expertise when bidding for or launching new events. As the Awards serve as a mark of distinction, it gives the award-winning individual/company an edge over its competition.

The Africa MICE Awards Faculty seeks to run and govern a comprehensive programme across a range of awards developed to recognise the industry's most vital sectors and product offerings.