Event organizers as part of the management have to constantly monitor and keep track of data that stream from each of their events. Real-time insights on revelers and participants engagements/experience is also invaluable when measuring ROI of events. Technology plays a central role in transforming how events are consumed and in improving certain aspects such as engagement and lasting memories.

We have handpicked three of our favorite technologies that have taken the industry by storm, literally, and are almost definitely enlivening participants’ expectations. These awesome bits of kit, if properly employed by event planners, will certainly have insurmountable effects and ultimately lodge long lasting memories.

  • Virtual Reality – this technology uses the concept of ‘individual experience’ where only one person at a time can experience it as opposed to a crowd experiencing it at one go. To have it at an event, it would be apparent that you’d need several of them and it doesn’t come cheap. Now, do not dismiss this technology as it has superfluous benefits under its belt. Besides being considered a futuristic bit, it has the power to provide tangible impressions in regards to look and feel. The bit is best for exhibitions as it would allow an exhibitor to provide one on one individual experiences to key content.
  • Blockchain – nothing is more consuming in event planning than gathering data pre-event, during event and post event especially when you have several events happening simultaneously. Contrary to using different sites for different purposes; registration, ticketing and survey, using the blockchain technology is more strategic and time-friendly. The technology basically provides solutions to data acquisition in one site/avenue so your data doesn’t have to sit in silos making you lose on crucial information.
  • Wearable Technology – bizarre as it may sound, the technology really does require an attendee to wear it but not in a cloth-like manner rather like a bracelet or google, something extremely portable. This bit registers an attendee’s mood, impressions and movement. Needless to say, this data can be used in mapping a strategically impactful marketing strategy and improve future event planning according to attendees’ expectations. With wearable tech, data streaming from it is ammunition not just for marketing purposes but for revolutionizing the MICE industry.

Should you find these bits of kit useful and resourceful, register for the Global MICE Summit to more of such useful information to gain an edge to sit on the top table.

Break a leg in your next event and don’t forget to let us know how much you loved them!


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